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Norske Skog’s improvement partner

nsiFOCUS enhances the viability and sustainability of Norske Skog and its customers through continuous improvement services. nsiFOCUS programs include technical development assignments, advanced trouble-shooting and continuous improvement, including change management.

nsiFOCUS primary functions and responsibilities:

• Provide advanced technical support and services to Norske Skog

• Help nsiFocus customers generate cash, create a continuous improvement culture, share best practices, and build capabilities

• Knowledge management: map,procure, maintain, and share technical knowledge essential to Norske Skog’s operations


nsiFOCUS improves the company’s competitiveness and profitability through technical support and market-oriented research and development. Cost reduction, energy savings and paper quality are paramount.

The mobile, talented nsiFOCUS team—which includes scientists and engineers—provides Norske Skog business units with the power to strengthen their local technical teams.

Innovative people delivering sustainable solutions.